tisdag 26 mars 2013

StoryPress app - some reflexions

With more than 6000 attendants, Rootstech is probably the largest gathering of genealogical community people. A mix of volunteers and business orientated people.

I have not seen any archived version of the Saturday live stream (as of 7 o'clock PM Tuesday Swedish time). Perhaps they just forgot about it and left ...
Saturday Recap

When this recap comes I'll make some remarks about the three sessions

Dear Myrtle managed to put out some HOAs on her YouTube-channel so I can at least comment on one of them.

The most interesting interview - in my opinion - was with Mike Davis of StoryPress.com.
With the growing number of tablets around this app must attract a lot of family historians.

The app is free to use and this Beginners version is for the first 5 stories. You keep your results off-line in your tablet. I wonder how much data there is room for in my iPad?

If you want to share your data in the cloud it's a reasonable USD 49 per year. It is however not in any public cloud service - it's in StoryPress' own version and that may pose problems. "It is there for ever" is a phrase I am not comfortable with. It's kinda me not fully in control.

How can I download the result to my desktop to ensure safekeeping of my data?

I also start thinking - what about OneNote and Evernote? Couldn't you make some sort of templates and get the same results?  Both can do audio recordings.

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