onsdag 27 mars 2013

Day Three - Rootstech from a foreigners perspective

Finally we have the chance to have a recap of the Saturday live presentations. The very first part was quite funny however for me the next two presentations were more interesting.

Another competitor! with a online-tree MyHeritage tried to convince the audience about the uniqueness of their product. However with (what I know of) no family roots in eastern Europe or any Jewish background some of the cons did not appeal to me.

I feel more comfortable with Ancestry or perhaps the Family Search tree when it has grown a bit more. And even if I try the free software and entry offer I do not think I will spend time doing another tree. Climbing up one tree can be a happy event but climbing several could be exhausting.  

I especially liked the Denise Olson presentation on how to use Powerpoint (or similar programs) for  Digital Storytelling - there is a lot of tips in her "Moultrie Creek Gazette".

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