fredag 22 mars 2013

Day One - Rootstech from a foreigners perspective

For several weeks many like myself were eagerly waiting for this year BIG event - Rootstech2013.

Like so many times before it is easy to be overwhelmed by the size of the event. Even for us not attending in person - the 'snippets' in form of live streaming sessions sure underlines the impact this kind of event has on the geneaology/family history community.

Interesting that several people ask the english speaking community to avoid the word "genealogy" and instead use "family history".
In Sweden we mostly use "släktforskning" which translates to "familysearch".
We use "genealogi" as a more academic term.


After the keynote presentations I watched The Future of Genealogy - with Thomas MacEntee moderating the following panel.

I was pleased to hear Myrt mention hangouts/HOA as one of the new community features . I also am a strong believer that sharing knowledge in the form of webcasts/webinars will be more important and the general family history (!) community will be more and more receptive to this form of education on all levels.

I just started to watch the archived part and will try to make comments also on those and some HOAs that Myrt, Caroline Pointer and some others are doing.

Another panel was The Genealogists Gadget Bag  where the panelists mentioned some of their popular gadgets when visiting cemeteries, family reunions, visiting archives and at presentations. Items incl. iPhone, digital camera, mobile scanner, digital voice recorder,  iPad, laptop, portable video camera etc. Today iPad or similar can do most chores with diff. apps.

At presentations: Video projector, cables, laptop, long power cable, iPad, presentation on stick and in cloud. Video cable laptop>>video (iPad>>video).

May I add - chargers and extra batteries for any gadget using batteries. Even charger cable from auto 12V.    

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