fredag 10 januari 2014

How to get pictures out of ArkivDigital

Many like myself not just note the document reference but also save the document as an image from the book in question.

Here an example:
Östra Göinge häradsrätt FIIa:91 (1860-1861) Image 6840 / page 604 (AID: v158978.b6840.s604, NAD: SE/LLA/10083) - en estate inventory- first page.
A "full page" screen save with CTRL+S produces what you see on the screen - you can zoom in on a particular part - I choose to see the full page:

However by rotating the page in AD 90 degrees and zoom in I get a much better full page and it's easy to turn it back in a suitable program. There is a difference in quality!

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  1. Testade ung det jag tror du gjorde med Mac