söndag 19 januari 2014

Geneaology Helpdesk

Today I will take part in an interesting test.

A small group of geneaologists on the US east coast with swedish heritage will have a meeting this afternoon.

I will participate using Internet/hangout. I can verbally interact with the participants and also show/share my screen. 
This first trial has no specific agenda - more a of a test since it is a new for some of us.  

If it proves useful, it may develop into something more permanent.

Any comments are welcome!

"Alsterolle" - Olle Andersson

A follow-up

The test was quite successful even if the equipment used was not optimal.

Ken Nelson used his laptop and my picture and screenshare was shown via a video projector.
For the next venue, Ken will try to have a separate omnidirectional microphone and perhaps a webcamera on a stand. 

It is really not necessary for me to see the people attending and to transmit video takes a chunk of the bandwidth and CPU-use on the laptop.

We may also test Skype to see if the screenshare works better.

Addition: I did a test with my friend Tommy (on the island of Gotland) and found out that the Hangout with video ON takes a lot of CPU-power. My test shows a 90% CPU strain compared to 30% in Skype.  I do not remember if this was the case in the first hangouts I did. Perhaps they have incorporated too many new functions in later versions !?  So a laptop with 2GB CPU or less have to struggle and feels better with video OFF in a hangout.    

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  1. My maternal grandfather's parents were of Swedish decent - they were Carl Otto Emil & Alma DiBernhardina (Benson) Swanson. Carl came over in the late 1800s near the turn of the century, He served in Newport, RI and then met Alma and they married in Providence RI in 1901. They settled in East Providence/Pawtucket - wish I could take this line back further with proof. Oh well, I have brought the line forward - but the chance of going back futher seems nil..

  2. I have found Carl Otto Emil - I believe the correct person! You can always try to call me for a hangout and I can show you all details about him, his parents and siblings!