onsdag 11 december 2013

Technology is GREAT

Most of us have embraced the ability to search on-line, not all have found the hidden internet-services available for free.

During my evening class in geneology I got a Skype-call from a friend in Oregon, Andrea Patersson. I enjoyed her and her daughter's company last summer when I showed them around her husbands ancestral area. I also was happy to be able to help them out with information on possible living relatives in south Sweden. Andrea confirmed at this call that they had made contact and she was thrilled! Possibly this would not have been such a success if it wasn't for the new technologies.

The same comments could be made on a conversation I had today with Barry Erickson in New Zealand. His ancestors made the long trip to NZ in the 1870's and with some swedish family members and geneology friends we managed to arrange a family reunion during Barry's and his wife's  visit to Sweden .

As Barry said, thanks to e-mail correspondance and Skype he has collected a lot of information not only from Sweden but also from Australia and other places the ancestors spread to.

The GF - Genealogical Society - in Stockholm - have had two very interesting lectures on DNA-geneology. The talks were also launched on Internet at:


I guess you need to understand swedish to get the full picture.

For me both lectures gave a very good insight to the new DNA-technology. Especially their use in genealogy.

I immediately ordered a test-kit from http://www.familytreedna.com/
And now eagerly waiting for the kit to start for me a new chapter in my research.

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