onsdag 14 maj 2014

APERTIN - a mansion, not a castle

The main building is now private

Two weeks ago Viola, my wife, and myself started a project discovering interesting places in our beautiful county of Värmland.

Our first visit was to Apertin, a mansion just 25 minutes away from Karlstad.

I did check Wikipedia for a list of mansions and castles in Värmland - ratio is 17:0. No castles - I believe I know why! Do you have any clues?

Also in Wikipedia there is a background to the non-swedish name Apertin:
According to tradition around year 1000 a munk established a monestary at this place. He was from Aberdeen and this has been "swedenized" into Apertin!

Today Apertin offers besides a beautiful nature a restaurant, a hotel and conference facilities.

1936 the first nature reserve in Värmland was established at Apertin. The deep ravines created after the ice age is of special botanic interest.&nbspIn Apertin's ravines you can walk among hardwood trees and boquets of hazel and firns.

Here are some of the pictures I took during our visit:

One of the ravines
Restaurant and hotel


A nice, old fence


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