fredag 20 september 2013

More speed to computer

A bit frustrated from the slow start and stop of my Win 7 installation I decided to buy a SSD-unit (SolidStateDisk).

The SSD is like a big USB-memory. It's solid state - no moving parts and can replace the ordinary HD with it's spinning set of discs.

Since I have a lot of programs on my "old" C: I bought the largest SSD - a SANDISK Ultra Plus 256 GB.

I searched for info how to replace the HD with the SSD and there were plenty of descriptions on how to do it.

I decided to buy the SSD Conversion Kit which includes an adapter cable which connects the SSD to USB. The program EZ Gig IV from Apricorn made it a breeze to clone the C: (and D:) to the SSD. I could not fins a way to clone only the C:.

Now all I needed to do was to stop the computer, move the cables from the old HD to the SSD and restart. The difference was significant. Much quicker start of Windows and of programs were noted.
I guess its almost like getting a quicker CPU ...

Also when I was at it, I made a backup to an older HD which was showing signs of ageing. I replaced the old one with a 2TB unit. Today HDs are cheap!

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