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TIFF >>JPEG2000 as archive format?


"What is JPEG2000?

JPEG2000 is a revolutionary image compression standard based on wavelet technology and is replacing the old JPEG format. 

Advantages of the new standard:

 •  Better image quality at the same file size - see for yourself!
 •  25%–35% smaller file sizes at comparable image quality.
 •  Good image quality even at very high compression ratios, over 80:1.
 •  Lossless compression mode (identical to original image).
 •  Transparency (alpha channel) support.
 •  Easy way to get 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, etc., of the original image."

The JPEG2000 format has been around for quite some time and have been adopted by several archiving projects like the "Digidaily" in Sweden.

For us who are scanning old photos for a local heritage society we are anxious to keep in touch with the technological progress. 

Not just to save some space on our harddrives but we would like to conform to new standards to facilitate cross-over projects like the swedish  SOCHThe Swedish term for SOCH is ”K-samsök”, which would be spelled out as ”cultural collective search”.
There are discussions or recommendations about this "new" open standard. Most or all material is for   professionals so any information targeting "low-end" users like ourselveson would be most welcome.
I did a test with a 1280x1087 pixel TIFF @4MB. 
After converting to lossless .jp2 in Photoshop CS5 I got a 827kB large .jp2-file.
Same TIFF converted to .jpg Quality 12 gave a 921 kB file. 

More information:

Olle Andersson

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