fredag 20 juli 2012

FlipPal - Alkaline vs Rechargeble batteries

As a very nice present by a canadian geneaology friend I got a FlipPal scanner, a very nice addition/replacement to a computer-flatbed scanner combo or even a digital camera.

Its strong point is that the scanned image (300/600dpi) is visable in a small screen and saved as a jpg-file on a SD-memory.
Thus you do not need a computer at all and compared to the digital camera the lighting is constant all over the scanned area.

Limitations are the scanning area (approx. 4x6 inch = 10x15 cm), however larger originals can be scanned in parts and stitched together with the supplied program "EasyStitch" or as I do it with the "Photomerge" function in Photoshop.

The unit is delivered with 4 alkaline AA batteries (4x1,5=6 V) and these can according to manufacturer produce 150 scans. When these alkaline batteries were flat and I replaced them with some NiMH-batteries I had, they only lasted very few scans - then I got a low battery warning even if they were fully charged.

My idea of a reason for this is:
4 alkaline batteries deliver 6V to the unit - (lamp+motor). NiMH 4x1,2= 4,8V which is 20% lower. Old NiMH probably have a lower voltage especially when delivering the current needed. Thus not sufficient for proper operation.

I had the similar problem with a Canon-camera and I found some special NiMH-batteries which performed just perfect with the camera.

The batteries are produced by GP-batteries and model name is "ReCyko"
  These batteries proved to be the perefect match for the FlipPal.

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