måndag 18 februari 2013

Nu är det dags att skriva några rader på min ganska sällan uppdaterade blog - hade tänkt att vara mer aktiv.
En del blir på engelska - tror nog att de flesta klarar min "skolengelska".

This time I will describe one test I have made with Google Hangouts esp. HOA (HangoutsOnAir).

HOA is a perfect platform for lectures, seminars etc. There have been improvements and additional features which makes it probably the best - and cheapest way to reach a large audience.

The introduction of "Cameraman" enables the originator of a HOA to decide who is the main speaker - full screen.

One feature I miss is the possibility to have two or more cameras and quickly change between them. Using the hangout setup for this is too complicated.

Why not use a second computer - a laptop as one of the "participants". This computer/camera could be placed overviewing the audience or the podium. No need for a long USB-cable with boosters. And if you have an iPad or similar .....    

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